Indigo Children – Psychedelia Laced Punk!

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Indie-Punk| New Delhi| 27 August |  Myspace

Indigo Children have really been a resurrection of sorts. Formerly known as The Superfuzz, they’ve won many an accolade with their hook-laden riffs and earnest angst-laden lyrics of teenache. They won Great Indian Rock and Channel [V]’s launchpad in the same year, clearly people were beginning to take notice. A tight 3-piece act, The Superfuzz held great promise. But as fate frequently does, twists and turns marked the path that The Superfuzz would take and after an upheaval or two, the band resurfaced in a new avatar – Indigo Children.

Fending off angrily pointed question marks about what the hell the name meant, Indigo Children stuck steadfastly to their stand, one explained by a changed sound, ideology and line-up (with Joint Family guitar player Rahul Sainani and drummer Sahil Mendiratta joining) and emerged to become one of India’s most explosive indie-punk band yet. The rest of the world soon took notice, Indigo Children flew to Singapore to take part in the Sutasi Talent showcase (airing in July on Zee Café) and toured the UK with the British Council Soundpad project, after releasing an album with acclaimed UK producer John Leckie.

Kyra hosts these bad-ass boys from up north, and fervently hopes they will be at their hair-raising best.



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Hindi Rock | Mumbai | 15 August | Website | Myspace

It’s the stuff of rock n roll fairy tales – a band that came together in response to advertisements in the classified section of newspapers. Responding to a call for “musician wanted for band” ad, Swapnil met up with Pranab and they went on to form Prayag – a confluence of musical streams of thought.

After paying their dues to rock n roll touring god, with shows from all over country, Prayag are in the studios recording their new album which promises to bring together Indian and Western elements. Kyra welcomes them to Bangalore!

The Indian Cowboy: Bobby Cash

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Country | Dehradun | 14 August | Website

What if we were to tell you that there would be a gentleman from the quaint hilly town of Dehradun called Bal Kishore Das Loiwal who would perform songs from the Wild West? Yes, we see that raised eyebrow, but truth, as they say is stranger than fiction. Growing up in the Himalayan Foothills, all Babu (as he was called then) can remember listening to is country music that played at home, off records his aunt would send from abroad.

Picking up a guitar to go with his great voice Bobby would play at clubs in New Delhi, the only one who would play his kind of music when a chance meeting with an Australian TV producer in 2002 changed his life forever. In 2003, Bobby travelled to the Tamworth Country Music festival, the only Indian performer in the line-up. As fate often wills, things fell into place and Bobby shot and released an ABC TV documentary called “The Indian Cowboy: One in a Billion”. Bobby has since gone on to play at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville, USA and at various venues in Australia.

Now this is one performer you must watch: An Indian Cowboy, at home in the world.

Localised – Giving Back to Bangalore

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Bangalore | 11 Aug

Kyra gives back to the city it is a part of. A melange of cultures and languages. Hence Localised – a night of music in the vernacular. The trip down memory lane is free, of course.

Old Jungle Saying

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Improbable Jazz Funk | Bangalore | 12 August |  Myspace

There isn’t a whole lot left to say when the band themselves describes themselves as “a bunch of experimental, wise, improbably funky, jazzy, groovy love kamikazes”. We’re especially taken by the Love Kamikaze angle and are hence waiting keenly to watch Old Jungle Saying.

Based in one of Bangalore’s ubiquitous lazy layouts OJS allowed themselves, mostly against their will to be influenced in their formative years by the likes of Primus, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Faith No More and many other tapes whose jackets were missing, hence untraceable in origins. Old Jungle Saying serves up, quite like the spicy hot mulligatawny, sumptuous spicy ladles of psychedelic funk, held in place by a riotous rhythm section. Raucuous guitar and vocal work on a song like ‘Phat Cat’ is ample proof.

Kyra recommends Old Jungle Saying, for best results come on an empty stomach. Leave full of the groove. Results may vary.

Metal Head Invasion: Kryptos

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KryptosHeavy Metal| Bangalore | 10 August |  Myspace

Now if we told you that we were hosting a metal band that was the first ever Indian band to be released on an international music label, surely you would listen up. And if we told you that they’ve released two albums and are ripping their way through a mammoth third attempt, you might even sit up. And then if we told you that they opened for Iron Maiden and have won accolades from all over for their vice-tight musicmanship you would drop whatever you were planning to do on 10 August and show up at Kyra for one the finest metal acts India has ever seen: Kryptos.

Starting off in 1998, the band has come a long way, bagging endorsements from instrument makers such as ESP Guitars, Mapex drums and Vic Firth drum sticks. What is it that gets the finest makers of instruments and accessories throw their weight behind these boys from Bangalore? Check in to Kyra to find out.

Oh and we recommend a pain spray for rubber-neck syndrome. Expect heavy head-banging.

Aurko – The Power of the Sun

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Hindi Rock | Bangalore | 9 August | Website

With over 300 concerts to their credit and accolades from every angle, Aurko are one of Bangalore’s most exciting Indian Rock outfits. Kicking off in the year 2000, Aurko tasted success with their debut album hitting stands on Times Music. A music video on their lead track ‘Nadiya’ hit the channels and there was no looking back!

Aurko’s members may have come in from all over the country but Bangalore is definitely their home. Much of their influences hark back to Bengali music and culture as is evident on some of their compositions. As a tribute, Aurko released their maiden venture in Bengali titled ‘Asche Bochor Abar Hobe’ (It shall happen again next year), a popular chant at Durga Pujas the world over putting out material that took music aficionados by pleasant surprise.

Aurko are all set to release another album (work is in progress, we hear) and are about to take the Kyra stage, for some rollicking Desi Rock.