Bicycle Days: Alternative Psychedelia

Alternative | Bangalore | Dec 10 | Myspace

A Bicycle Days concert is an experience that will scar and caress you at the same time. If the formidable reputation this young band have already built up over the last few weeks with a powerhouse performance at the recently concluded Strawberry Fields concert is anything to go by, expect vocals that shimmer over an expansive ocean of guitar sounds that are as jagged-edged as they are crunchy, with an almost aching longing in the softer parts that segue seamlessly into each other. This, unequivocally, is a band that is fearless and will stand for itself in the face of all the “this-is-not-how-music-is-played” pundits.

The refreshing thing about Bicycle Days (and of a clutch of bands in Bangalore that infuses the scene with hope) is that these young gentlemen have something to say. With lyrical themes that are as powerful social commentary as they are plain old enjoyable songs, they’re brave enough to speak of issues as thorny as religious intolerance – something that requires courage and conviction along with a sense of musical propriety. “That fractured airplane just missed your temple / Ordinary man on top of a crowded steeple” – as BB King once said to Bono before his legendary collaboration with U2, “You’re too young to be writing such heavy lyrics”.

Amen to that. Power on, lads.


~ by kyratheatre on December 9, 2009.

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  1. thankyou!


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