Saskia Laroo: The Lady Miles Davis of Europe

Jazz/World-beat | Holland | 27 November

Take two parts jazz, one part each of salsa and funk reggae and add to it a sprinkling of the most prolific talent and you have Saskia Laroo! Described by the American press as the ‘Lady Miles Davis of Europe’ Laroo is one of the few acclaimed lady trumpet players in the world, who brings to Kyra her world-beating blend of genres that others would shudder to throw in the same melting pot! Battling prejudice against a lady trumpeter, Laroo has come a long way: from rejections because people felt she would ‘get tired half-way’ to those who thought she was just too obscure a figure: a Dutch lady jazz musician?! But she’s proved all of those Doubting Thomases wrong with rousing performances at pretty much every jazz festival of repute in the world!

Critics and fans alike have showered praise on her, and her band for its ‘nu-jazz’ also described as ‘swingin-body music’. With Kagen Han, Warren Byrd, Egemen Maden and Iven Naipal the Saskia Laroo band is a treat to watch; as will vouch audiences at the North Sea Jazz Festival (The Netherlands), Burghausen Jazzwoche (Germany), Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland) and the Sofia Jazz Festival (Bulgaria). Close on the heels of her recent launch ‘Really Jazzy’ featuring some Jazz/Funk/Rap styles that have never before been explored, Saskia continues on her world tour, wowing jazz aficionados and newbies alike.


~ by kyratheatre on November 18, 2009.

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