Indigo Children – Psychedelia Laced Punk!


Indie-Punk| New Delhi| 27 August |  Myspace

Indigo Children have really been a resurrection of sorts. Formerly known as The Superfuzz, they’ve won many an accolade with their hook-laden riffs and earnest angst-laden lyrics of teenache. They won Great Indian Rock and Channel [V]’s launchpad in the same year, clearly people were beginning to take notice. A tight 3-piece act, The Superfuzz held great promise. But as fate frequently does, twists and turns marked the path that The Superfuzz would take and after an upheaval or two, the band resurfaced in a new avatar – Indigo Children.

Fending off angrily pointed question marks about what the hell the name meant, Indigo Children stuck steadfastly to their stand, one explained by a changed sound, ideology and line-up (with Joint Family guitar player Rahul Sainani and drummer Sahil Mendiratta joining) and emerged to become one of India’s most explosive indie-punk band yet. The rest of the world soon took notice, Indigo Children flew to Singapore to take part in the Sutasi Talent showcase (airing in July on Zee Café) and toured the UK with the British Council Soundpad project, after releasing an album with acclaimed UK producer John Leckie.

Kyra hosts these bad-ass boys from up north, and fervently hopes they will be at their hair-raising best.


~ by kyratheatre on August 21, 2009.

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